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India With Kids – 5 Great Vacation Opportunities

India With Kids – 5 Great Vacation Opportunities

traveling with kids to india

Visiting exotic lands is one of the best experiences a kid can have. You can give your children an experience they’ll never forget by choosing India as your next vacation destination. Nature, people, history, these things all come together in this amazing country. There are many areas and actives to consider when planning a trip to India with kids. Here are a few of our top picks.

The Houseboats of Kerala

Kerala is an all-around great area for families. It’s home to a rich cultural tradition of Southern India, houseboats. The rivers and lakes of Kerala are filled with beautiful houseboats almost year-round. You can experience real Indian culture with your family as you take in the scenic vistas from the deck of a gorgeous houseboat. You’ll see the local people carrying out their traditional way of life, plenty of unique architecture, and thrilling wildlife.

Ski India With Kids in Kashmir

India boasts some of Asia’s most popular ski resorts. The Himalayas majestically stretch along with the province of Kashmir. This great range offers many opportunities for skiing, for beginners and the more advanced. Your kids will love the snow-covered views and will be ecstatic when they try out skiing for themselves. Most resorts also offer sledding for children who aren’t quite up to skiing yet.

Magnificent Wildlife of Ranthambore National Park

India is a big country with plenty of big animals. The nation boasts many national parks where the landscapes and wildlife have been preserved. Among the most famous of India’s animals is undoubtedly the majestic Bengal tiger. Ranthambore National park has over 40 separate tiger reserves. Explore India with kids, and they’ll be in awe of these majestic beasts. In addition, there are countless other animals to see – leopards, sloth bears, monkeys, and boars.


The Taj Mahalgoing to india with children


This icon of international architecture is sure to be a hit with your kids. When you’re planning your trip, getting your visa to India, and setting your itinerary, consider visiting the most well-known mausoleum in the world. Construction was completed in 1643 – this amazing building was commissioned by emperor Shah Jahan to serve as his wife’s tomb.

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