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What are the Best Seasons for a Trip to Vietnam?

What are the Best Seasons for a Trip to Vietnam?

the best season to go to vietnam

Vietnam is gaining popularity as a tourist destination every year. Countless tourists can be found year-round, but some seasons are more popular than others. Vietnam spreads out north to south, covering a wide range of latitudes. This means that southern Vietnam has just the dry and rainy seasons, while northern Vietnam has the more familiar summer, spring, fall, and winter. They all have a passable claim to the title of the best seasons for a trip to Vietnam.

Winter is one of the Best Seasons for a Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is a warm country, perhaps a bit too warm for most people from English speaking countries. These tourists should look into getting their visa to Vietnam for winter, between December and February. It’s a far cry from a snowy wonderland – temperatures will still be warm except in the extreme north of the country. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the vibrant cities of Vietnam and enjoy their culture, people, and architecture. There’s little rain during the winter, making it the perfect time to visit the flood-prone Mekong Delta.

Springtime in Vietnam

Things are starting to heat up come March, making the spring a great time to hit the beach. The rains haven’t started quite yet, so those who can stand the heat will love the weather. The highlands of Da Lat are a good place to visit in the spring as they’re generally much cooler. The landscapes are truly gorgeous, and you’ll have a chance to experience traditional Vietnamese culture and cuisine.

Consider the Rainy Seasonvietnam what is the best season for travel

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, your first instinct probably isn’t to go for the rainy season. After months of extreme heat and dryness, the skies break open and pour out torrents practically every day. The rainy season runs from April to October and is criminally overlooked when it comes to vacation planning. The weather isn’t as bad the name might suggest, it rains almost every day but typically only for an hour or so. This time of year is host to a lot of cultural festivals that fair-weather travelers miss out on. If you’re more interested in culture than hitting the beach, the rainy season is among the best seasons for a trip to Vietnam.

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