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What Is the Best Season to Visit Kerala?

Kerala is a tropical region with three seasons instead of four, the dry season, hot season, and monsoon season, which of these is the best season to visit Kerala.

what is the best season to visit KeralaThe Dry Season

The dry season runs from December to February, and it is considered analogous to winter in North America. It’s nowhere near what most people consider winter though, wither temperatures hovering about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the time of the year most travelers choose to visit Kerala, with temperatures being comfortable for most a minimal amount of rain. It’s a great time to check out the houseboats that have come out to enjoy the great weather. Later in the dry season is a great time to check out the beaches of Kerala as the temperatures heat up to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The great weather this time of year lends itself to the many cultural festivals happening. As the peak tourist season, it’s clear that the dry season is considered by many to be the best season to visit Kerala.

The Hot Season

Many of you likely consider the temperatures of the dry season more than hot enough. The hot season is from March to May and runs even hotter, with humidity beginning to build up as well. This is an excellent time of year for those planning more evening activities. There are plenty of historical and cultural sites to visit in the cooler evenings. The highland areas of Kerala are a good place to visit during the hot season, staying much cooler than other areas. The highlands have a variety of cultural groups, all of which have their unique festivals and traditions.

best season to go to KeralaThe Monsoon Season

The phrase “monsoon season” is sure to seem intimidating to many planning a trip to Kerala, but this season has many attractions of its own. The season runs from late May to November and features the heavy rainstorms known as monsoons. This is the most affordable time of year for tourists due to the lower rate of travel, making it the best season to visit Kerala for those looking for a deal. This time of year is home to the many different boat races that Kerala is known for. The Nehru Trophy snake boat race is in August and is a real spectacle to behold.

The best season to visit Kerala is different for different people. The Go East family travel agency is ready to help you plan the perfect itinerary for your dream vacation. We can help you navigate the process of getting your visa to India and help pick out the right destinations and activities for you and your family.

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