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Kerala - India's Beautiful Gem

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טיול לקרלה בהודו

Tropical forests,magical and exotic sandy beaches. Beautiful mountain ranges with fascinating nature reserves and tea and spice crops. Exotic cultural shows, huge trenches to the sea and floating houses surrounded by coconut trees. An ancient port city through which all these goods are distributed to the world.

Welcome to Kerala - a dream destination for families

When you hear India, you don’t always think of a family trip with the kids. If you choose Kerala, it will change everything you think about India, and be a fascinating, luxurious, and extraordinary experience.

טיול לקרלה בהודו
טיול לקרלה בהודו
טיול בהתאמה אישית לויאטנם / להודו
טיול לקרלה בהודו

Must-See Destinations and Attractions


Cochin is the gateway to the state of Kerala; it is built over several islands and half-islands. We recommend you stroll the ancient quarter of Mattancherry and see the Dutch Palace, British Buildings, and also the Jewish connection with the “Pardesi” synagogue. You should also visit the pier, with the Chinese fishing nets hanging in the air, preferably at sunset.

Speaking of local culture, Cochin is the place to see ‘kathakali’ Indian dance theater, characterized by colorful costumes and particularly dramatic makeup. Another entertainment option in the city is watching a martial arts demo called Kalarippayat.

Periyar National park and wildlife sanctuary

Children love animals, and in Kerala you will find a selection of nature reserves where you can see wildlife up close. You will encounter elephants, tigers, monkeys, deer and many more amazing and exotic animals, all in their natural habitat. 

In the park you will find an artificial lake, lush tropical forests, open grasslands and a huge selection of animals, with the Indian tiger being the highlight.

Cruise in Kerala canals - accommodation in a floating house

The leisurely cruise of the sea-parallel canals, surrounded by tropical vegetation, coconut palms and mango trees. The accommodations at the Floating Houses, also known as “houseboats,” give you a truly amazing opportunity to connect with life in the surrounding Indian villages. Take a moment and watch the sunset, connect to nature and listen to bird chirps, and experience the local population’s life.

The land of spices and tea plantations of Munnar

For thousands of years, Kerala has been known for its coconuts, tea, rice and spices such as cardamom, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and more.

The tea is mainly grown on the slopes of the western Gates mountain range. Munnar serves as a starting point for nature hikes in the hills covered with tea plantations. Here, too, you can take a private organized trip.

Munnar is great for those who want to visit the tea plantations spread out over the area and enjoy the scenery as if it was taken straight out of a children’s book illustration.

Kerala's Tropical Beaches

The most beautiful beaches are in the small coastal town of Kovalam.

In this cozy town, you can spend the night in one of the luxurious hotels and enjoy lunch or dinner in the great restaurants. You will find both seafood and western options.

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טיול לקרלה בהודו

Travel India like a Maharaja

Backpacking through India is not the only way to travel. We can offer you a completely different experience: luxury hotels, luxury vehicles, luxury trains.

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טיול לקרלה בהודו
טיול לקרלה בהודו
טיול לקרלה בהודו - טיול בהתאמה אישית לויאטנם / להודו

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טיול לקרלה בהודו - טיול בהתאמה אישית לויאטנם / להודו
טיול לקרלה בהודו

Custom-made Trip to Kerala, India

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