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Con Dao Vietnam

This group of beautiful islands did not develop like the continent, so you can find breathtaking nature combined with bits of Vietnam's painful history. The beautiful resorts and beaches make Con Dao is an ideal destination for families traveling to Vietnam.

How to get to the island?

The largest island in the island group (Con Son) has an airport.
Also on some days of the week you can reach it by ferry that leaves from Wong Tao port and anchors at the island port.
In some months the ferry ride may be canceled due to the weather.

תכנון טיול בויאטנם
תכנון טיול בויאטנם

What is the best time to visit the island?

It is recommended to visit the island between May and October. During the rest of the months the weather will not always allow ferry cruising.

Con Dao – History

The island of Con Son is also called Prison Island, as political prisoners were imprisoned there during the French rule of Vietnam. Former prisoners and prison guards can be found among the islanders. The prison has been restored for months and is now open to visitors. On the island is also the tomb of national heroine Vo Thi Sau – a Vietnamese girl who fought the French who ruled Vietnam. She was seized by the French authorities, tried, convicted and executed in 1952. Today, she is considered a saint and symbol of the spirit of the revolution. Many towns have schools and streets named after her. Visitors to the cemetery should arrive in respectable attire.

Con Dao – a dream resort

Dat Doc Beach is a spectacular beach surrounded by mountains. The beach has a magnificent resort (Six Senses Resort), which has pampering villas with an ocean-facing pool.

Paradise for diving

Ong Dung Beach is a beautiful beach with impressive coral reefs and is great for snorkeling, fishing or scuba diving. You can also sail it with canoes. Entrance to the beach is subject to a fee.


Con Son has impressive mountains and forests and you can hike along the island independently with tutorials, or hire a guide.

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