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Da Lat Vietnam – Flower City and Romance

The most floral city in Vietnam.

Da Lat is the capital of Lam Dong Province and is one of the most peaceful and romantic cities of Vietnam, because most houses were built during the French rule. It is also one of the most visited cities in Vietnam.

The city has been dubbed the “Flower City” because the weather is comfortable and suitable for growing flowers of various types. Many travelers come to the city to explore the history, culture and tradition of the locals.

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What is the best season for visiting Da Lat?

The weather is cool and refreshing throughout the year, but the best time to visit the area is between October and December. During these months the weather is particularly favorable and allows for many outdoor activities.

Visitors from December to March will see spectacular blooms throughout the city, and can go trekking in the forests.

Da Lat – major attractions

Datanla Falls – You can hike to the beautiful waterfalls or reach them on a roller coaster that runs through the forest. You can also go rafting.

Xuan Huong Lake – The lake is located in the city center and is one of the most recommended sites. The depth of the lake is 5 feet. You can cruise in elegant swan-shaped boats, hike along the lake, or rest under the conifers.

Flower Garden – At the end of Xuan Huong Lake there is a colorful flower garden where you can enjoy hundreds of flower types.

The Valley of Love Park – One of the most romantic sites. The site is 5 miles from the city center and is recommended for picnics or camping. You can also go trekking or rent a car and drive to Vong Canh Hill and view the spectacular views it offers.

Lang Biang Mountain – The mountain is located in Lac Duong District, 12 miles from the city center. This is a great place to take pictures, and to learn about the ethnic minorities that reside there.

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