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Hua Vietnam – historical and cultural sites

A city with temples, fortresses and a special historical atmosphere

Hua is located in central Vietnam, and was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty from the beginning of the 19th century until the end of World War II. The city is rich in historical and cultural sites.

How to get there?

Phu Bai Airport has regular flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. During the rainy season flights are often canceled. The alternative is the Danag airport two hours away from Dubai. You can also reach the city by train from the three main cities – Ho Chi Minh, Danag and Hanoi. Traveling by bus is a good option as well.

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Recommended activities

The Imperial Citadel (Dai Noi) is one of the main attractions. It has temples, museums and galleries with plenty of exhibits documenting the history of Vietnam.

Thais Hua Palace is where the Emperor used to receive distinguished guests.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort offers hot springs, spa and meditation combined with pampering rooms, a restaurant and a bar.

Tian Mu Pagoda – The pagoda is situated on a cliff above a river which is nicknamed the “Perfume River”. This is because in autumn flowers fall to the river and give it a scented aroma. The impressive pagoda has a number of Buddha statues.

Than Tuan Bridge – A wooden bridge built over a canal. The bridge is of great historical and cultural value and is one of the oldest bridges in Vietnam.

Tam Jiang Lagoon – It is one of the largest lagoons in the area. It is 23 ft deep and is a source of seafood.

Tuan An Hippie Beach is located 15 miles from the city. On a whitish sandy beach and turquoise sea. You can sunbathe, swim, and eat at one of the area’s seafood restaurants.

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