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Mekong Delta and Vietnam – all streams flow into the sea

The Mekong River is a huge river of 4300 km in length. It passes through several towns, splitting into various branches and forming a delta.

The Mekong River is a huge river 2,670 miles in length. It passes through several towns with various bifurcations and delta formations.
The Delta population is 17 million people and the vast majority are Vietnamese.
  Local residents’ livelihoods are based on fishing, tourism and agriculture.

Visiting the Mekong Delta area is a highly recommended cultural experience during a trip to Vietnam.

How to get there?

Most visitors come through Ho Chi Minh City which is the largest city in Vietnam. Some reach the Mekong River through Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

מקונג דלתא
תכנון טיול בויאטנם
מקונג דלתא

Recommended period to visit Delta

The dry season is between December and May and is the best time to visit the Delta. A trip to the Delta may also be possible in other months, despite light rains.

Where to sleep?

There are hostels and guesthouses in towns along the Delta. For those who want to stay in the villages, you can stay with the locals.

Recommended activities

Cantu is the largest city in the Mekong Delta and the place where many water channels meet. It has a fish sauce industry, and its main attraction is the “floating market”. Along the river are the many boats of the locals offering their wares (vegetables, tropical fruits, drinks and more).
Ka Mao – Becca Mao has extensive vegetation and can be found in mangrove forests (shrubs and trees growing in water). It also has a wide variety of bird species and a number of parks where you can watch in birds.
Kian Jiang is a province close to Cambodia with an impressive 125 miles stretch of coast. Fishing is a major source of livelihood in this area, because it has many varieties of fish including sharks, predatory gombers, mackerel and shrimp. There are also plenty of historical attractions in the area.
Dong Thap In this area there is a national park where you can see rare red-headed cranes.

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