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Ninh Binh – Vietnam – Bicycle Tours and Resort

The perfect place for cycling between crazy landscapes

Ninh Binh is 100 miles from Hanoi. The province is full of rice fields and picturesque limestone rocks and, thanks to its flat ground, is great for cycling. Many tourists ride bicycles or motorcycles through its narrow paths against the backdrop of green rice fields, mountains, rivers and lakes. Apart from the natural landscapes, Ninh is among the most famous cities in Vietnam due to being the first imperial capital city.

Recommended period for a trip

In November and April the temperatures range around 77 ° F. In December to March temperatures are lower and range around 64 ° F. For those who want to watch the yellow rice fields, we recommend arriving in July or October.

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How to get there?

The car ride from Hanoi only takes two hours. You can also get there from Hanoi by train. A train ticket costs $ 20 per person.

Traveler attractions

King Dinh’s Temple – The 17th-century temple leans on the mountains and looks out to the lake. The temple is divided into three parts: a worship room, a room for burning incense, and the most important room in the temple for worshiping King Dinh Tien Hoang and his three sons.

Pat Diam Cathedral – a beautiful church with an architecture that combines elegant elements of Western churches with Vietnamese pagodas. The cathedral was built between 1875-1898, and there are lake and artificial caves around it.

Van Long Reservation – This reserve 90 miles south of Hanoi has spectacular mountain ranges. The reserve has 32 caves within an area of ​​3000 acres, each with its own beauty.

Bicycle Tours – Bicycles can be rented at a hotel or in stores for five to seven dollars a day. Cycling allows you to enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere as well as picturesque landscapes.

Recommended Hotel – The Emeralda Resort is located at the edge of the nature reserve and is a Vietnamese resort with traditional architecture and furnishings that manages to incorporate tradition and modern style as well. The hotel is surrounded by green forests.

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