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India can make for a confusing and challenging trip, but it can also be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you will have in your entire life. If you travel with children, they will help you slow down and appreciate all the little details and break down cultural barriers. You will find that India is even more fascinating with children.

Welcome to India

India offers a variety of cultures. On the one hand you will get to know India’s rich cultural history and heritage. On the other hand, you will explore the wonders of India’s natural beauty. From lofty mountains to peaceful beaches and even wildlife.

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India - a dream destination

India is a unique travel destination, and it has been gaining popularity with families in the last few years. The overload of senses, the chaos of sounds and vibrant colors – all of these make India a special destination, and an adventure you will never forget.
Your kids will definitely enjoy the wildlife sanctuaries, backwater houseboats, drinking out of coconuts, watching Bollywood films, and much, much more.

the food

No other country can offer such a diverse range of local dishes, and there’s no such thing as typical Indian food. In the north, you will taste thick and creamy curries, and in the south coconuts and seafood. India is also very vegetarian friendly, due to a large proportion of Hindus, who are vegetarians themselves. 

the taj mahal

One of the seven wonders of the world, the most iconic symbol of India, and probably the most recognizable monument in the world. A visit to this marble mausoleum needs to be on every traveler’s list.

south india

India has gained a reputation as an unsafe place, especially for women. While this is true in some places, you can still find tourist-friendly parts – specifically South India.

Best destinations for traveling with children:


Lively festivals, medieval fortresses, fairy tale palaces, tiger safaris, camel rides on desert dunes, and good tourist infrastructure.

Uttar Pradesh

The perfect picture of the Taj Mahal and the deserted city nearby, Patpur Sikri will definitely spark your imagination.


Adventures for kids and adults on the houseboats, beautiful beaches and sunsets, special nature reserves, and branched canals between mountains.

Himachal Pradesh

Riding a horse or yak between stations from the colonial era, rafting, riding ponies, day hikes and more.

Recommended attractions

  • Water activities or just being on one of the amazing beaches that India has to offer (Goa or Kerala beaches)
  • Tiger parks – Madhya Pradesh: Find yourself inside the Jungle Book. Stroll through the jungle – enjoyment is guaranteed, and you might even be able to get a glimpse of a tiger.
  • Elephant Reserve in Kerala – You can see here how elephants shower and drink, and also encounter other animals living within the reserve.
  • Dolphin Cruise – Cruise the boat from the Goa to the deep sea and watch various aquatic animals, including dolphins.
  • Cycling in Keoladeo National Park and enjoy circular cycling around the lake and bird sanctuary.
  • Palaces, forts and knight games in Rajasthan.
  • Sailing a houseboat, kayak or canoe in Kerala’s branched canals.
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Travel India like a Maharaja

Backpacking through India is not the only way to travel. We can offer you a completely different experience: luxury hotels, luxury vehicles, luxury trains.

Contact us for more information about the Maharaja Tour.

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